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Re: qep'a' javDIch schedule posted

><< >nuqjatlh?  nuq 'oS mu' {pawpu'ghach}?
> It has a literal meaning of "having arrived", which I might translate into
> more fluid English as "arrival".
>...  mu' {pawpu'ghach} chenmoHmeH mIw neH vIpar.  vIchenmoHmeH, wot mojaq 
>Segh Soch vIlo'qangbe'.  Qobqu' ghu'vam.  The perfective in such a 
>construction must indicate that the arrival has already taken place.  Klingon 
>is not like another language any of us has ever encountered.  Still, I have 
>trouble believing it is so different as to use Aspect markers within nouns.

I don't see a problem here.  A noun refering to the moment that an action is
pawlI'ghach would refer to the period of time during the action.
etc, etc

QaQ pawlI'ghachwIj, 'a qabqu' pawta'ghachwIj
The flight and landing was good, but getting through customs sucked.

Sure this could be recasted into verbs; I know verb are prefered, but I
agree that a type 7 in a noun is usable.

We could say that this is one of those times where klingon is better and
that english is too weak.


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