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> In a message dated 7/3/1999 7:25:32 PM US Mountain Standard Time,
> writes:
> << ja' peHruS:
>  >DIvI' Hol jatlhlu'DI' qaq "I buy a game."  'ach pIm
> tlhIngan Hol 'e' vImum.
>  nuqjatlh?  pIm tlhIngan Hol chay' nujlIjDaq 'e' Dalan?  qayajbe'.
>  meqlIj DaQIjbe'qa'taH.  qatlh <Quj vIje'> Dapar jay'?  yImaqQo' neH.
>   >>
> =-=================
> {mum} is not restricted to putting something into one's mouth to get a
> sensation.

Okay, this explains your original usage, but not why you believe this.  {mum} is defined
as "taste, sense flavor."  The discussion of this word in KGT reads:

'The verb {mum} ("taste") means "sense flavors."  To say {Soj vImum} ("I taste my food")
is to say "I perceive a flavor or flavors," not "I try out the food to see if it is
prepared properly.'  [KGT p. 86]

This is why I think {mum} refers to sensing the flavor of food.  Can you explain why you
think it can refer to sensing something else, like differences between languages, as
you've used it above?

> pIj bImaqqu'.  jImaqqangtaH, 'ej jIQIjqangchu'.

wej lo'vam DaQIjmo' bIQIjqangbe'law'.  Just because you say you're willing to explain
doesn't mean you've explained.

> peHruS

-- Holtej 'utlh

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