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Re: terminate / finish / end

ja' Edy:
>mu'tlheghvam vIghIthlmeH wot vIlo'nISbogh
>(Wich verb is more appropriate):
>SochmaH vagh 'ay' Quj vIbaq
>SochmaH vagh 'ay' Quj vIrInmoH
>SochmaH vagh 'ay' Quj vIchu'Ha'
>SochmaH vagh 'ay' Quj vItaHHa'
>I'm hosting a game and I'll finish it on turn 75.

For "turn 75", I'd say {Quj mIw SochmaH vaghDIch}.
You're just counting the turns, not following them step-by-step
as if they were a recipe, right?  I think {-DIch} is appropriate.

Will the game be completed?  If so, I think {rInmoH} is okay.
Will you just stop the game at that step, whether or not anything
in particular has happened?  Then {baq} or {mev} seems better.
If the game is technologically based and you're literally going to
turn it off or deny access to it, {chu'Ha'} would work very well.
If you're just tired of hosting it and you're quitting after turn
75, maybe {jIbup} would be good.  Be straightforward and accurate! :)

-- ghunchu'wI'

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