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Re: KLBC: Is this correct?

ja'pu' Scott Pakin <
>I thought it would be fun to use some pIqaD in a presentation I'm giving on
>my thesis research.  The topic is "collective communication," as in,
>"communication performed by a collective (of computers)."

So "collective" here is a noun, not an adjective?  You're apparently not
talking about a specific kind of communication, but communication done by
a specific entity.

ja' charghwI':
>Please understand that we are a lot less interested in
>translating an English term than we are in speaking the
>language. Klingon is not a code. It is a language. You don't
>just unplug an English word and plug a Klingon word in its place.

This is especially true when working with very short phrases.  There's
rarely a good match for a specific word, and there usually isn't enough
context to establish the desired meaning even if there *is* a word that
can work well.

>I could put a good bit of work into trying to translate the term
>you wish to translate, but I won't. Instead, I'll invite you to
>learn how to actually speak the language. That is what we do
>here. I am VERY willing to put out the effort to help you learn
>to speak the language. If your interest doesn't run that deep,
>then neither does mine.

I'm only slightly less reluctant to offer my translation for your phrase,
but I *will* give some suggestions.  There are a few relevant nouns you
might consider:  {De'wI'} "computer", {tlhoQ} "conglomeration", {ghom}
"group", {pat} "system".  Some verbs could be useful:  {Qum} "communicate",
{jatlh} "speak", {jIj} "be cooperative", {ja'chuq} "confer".  Any more
detailed information would have to get into real Klingon grammar.  If you
are willing to treat this with the respect a true language deserves, I am
willing to assist you in finding a good translation for your presentation.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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