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Re: KLBC challenge

ja' Voragh:
>...But how {Sam} is different from {tu'} in:
>  QumwI'wIj vItu'laHbe'
>  I can't find my communicator. TKD
>is beyond me.  Presumably the speaker is actively looking for his
>so why doesn't he say {Sam}?  Perhaps he's just glancing around cursorily, but
>hasn't started to seriously "seek and find" it yet.

This is a single example which carries no special importance.  We know of
many undeniably inferior (or outright incorrect) examples in TKD, and this
one should not unduly concern us.

>: *nowhere* Damugh 'e' vItul :)
>I could find no example of "nowhere" used in canon.  Lacking a specific word,
>try {vogh} "somewhere, someplace":
>  vogh vItu'laH
>  I can find it somewhere.

Remember, however, that {vogh} is *not* one of the three nouns that never
take the {-Daq} suffix.  This should probably be {voghDaq vItu'laH}.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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