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Re: t-shirts

On Fri, 2 Jul 1999 13:24:13 -0400 TPO <> wrote:

> ghItlh tu'Ij:
> >I've got a t-shirt with a bird of prey on the front and lots of pIqaD on
> >the back. I've tried to translate/transliterate it, but I seem to be
> >missing some letters/sounds. here's my question:

Remember that in Klingon pIqaD as some of us has interpreted it, 
some Romanized letter combinations are actually one character. 
The word <<tlhIngan>>, for example, uses five characters:


I have a T-shirt that David Barron made which says on the 
front under a trifoil, in pIqaD, {tlhIngan wo'} and on the back, 
it says in pIqaD, {bIjeghbe'chugh vaj bIHegh}. Also, in the rare 
(because it was banned by Paramount lawyers) book "Secret 
Fighting Arts of the Warrior Race" by HetaQ, there are pIqaD 
examples throughout, including an introduction I wrote. Qov and 
I edited or translated all the Klingon in that book. HetaQ 
translated a good bit as well (which Qov and I then edited).

I always wondered if anyone else ever figured out what I said in 
the intro. I can actually read it, if slowly... and I realize 
that there's a typo. A crucial {j} is replaced by an unfortunate 
{'} totally changing one sentence's meaning. But I'll save that 
for one of those rare people out there to discover...

> >the font used seems to be the font used in TNG (in microsoft products
> >known as "Klingon TNG"). Where can I find a more complete version of the
> >font? Or has anyone endeavored on translating it?
> >It's the t-shirt from the "Jerzees" company.
> >
> ghItlh Kor:
> >I would like to know where you got the T-Shirt.  I have been looking for long 
> >time for one that is Klingon.
> Everything that I have seen written in pIqaD outside of the KLI has simply
> been the symbols plugged in place of the english characters according to how
> they match up on the computer keyboard, and the re-fonted words are still in
> english. I can understand if it contained grammatical errors, but they never
> even open a dictionary and use the klingon words.

For anyone who has the KLI font and doesn't know better, realize 
that there are specially mapped characters:


> DloraH

charghwI' 'utlh

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