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Re: logh Hop Hut tengchaH

: ja' peHruS:
: >'a lughbe' DungDaq 'oHtaHbogh mu'tlhegh'a' 'e' vIHar!!!  Deep Space's Nine
: >Space Stations 'oS.  vaj mu'tlhegh 'ay' {logh Hop tengchaH Hut} vIchup.
: bIchupHa'.  lughbej <logh Hop Hut tengchaH> lo'ta'bogh Marc Okrand.
: It's "Space Station Deep Space Nine", not "Deep Space Space Station Nine".
: -- ghunchu'wI'

>From Skybox card DS99:

HaDlu'meH, QuSlu'meH, SuDlu'meH lojmIt Da logh Hop Hut tengchaH. 
 vaj loghDaq lenglaHtaH Humanpu' 
space station Deep Space Nine is the gateway for the exploration,
 intrigue and enterprise that mark the continuation of the human
 adventure into space 

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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