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Re: "yIDuv wa'"

jatlh Qanqor:

>Regarding:  yIDuv wa'
>Jeremy, what's going on here is that you have (inadvertantly, I assume), 
>stumbled onto the forefront of grammar.  I understand (now) what you are
>doing and why, and frankly, it's probably correct.  But it *is* onthe
>frontier.  It's very unusual, nobody has really done this before.  I
>understand why charghwI' is uncomfortable with it.  But this kind of thing
>is beyond the normal scope of Beginner's Grammarian, so feel free to stand
>your ground on it.  Like I said, your construction is probably correct, and
>in any case is not provably *incorrect*.  BUT:  it IS unusual and
>certainly controversial, which means  you still might want to rework it,
>just to be clearer, because people are frankly going to have a hard time
>understanding it.  Since what you seem to be trying to get across is that
>only one person should advance, regardless of how many people are at the
>door, I might do it as:  yIDuv wa' neH.
>In any case, you have assuredly stirred up a grammatical hornet's nest.
>This one will certainly be argued about. {{:-)

I certainly have seen it before, a number of times.  There's technically no
place in The Klingon Dictionary which states that an imperative verb has a
subject of any kind.  They have objects, and they have entities to which
commands are given.  I would be careful in trying to create subjects for
imperative verbs.

That said, however, I also have no problem with Krankor's sentence.  It
works.  But, let me add a bit of punctuation to show why *I* think it works:

yIDuv!  wa' neH!
Advance!  Just one!

The second sentence is not a complete sentence, but that's not too bad.
Consider Commander Kruge's line, {DoS jonta' neH} which is translated, I
believe, "Target engine only."  What it really means is "Target: engine

I wouldn't use a subject on an imperative verb myself, but I think in
virtually all cases you can do something like this, or use direct address,
to do virtually the same thing.  The sentence uttered will be the same.

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