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Re: t-shirts

ghItlh tu'Ij:
>I've got a t-shirt with a bird of prey on the front and lots of pIqaD on
>the back. I've tried to translate/transliterate it, but I seem to be
>missing some letters/sounds. here's my question:
>the font used seems to be the font used in TNG (in microsoft products
>known as "Klingon TNG"). Where can I find a more complete version of the
>font? Or has anyone endeavored on translating it?
>It's the t-shirt from the "Jerzees" company.

ghItlh Kor:
>I would like to know where you got the T-Shirt.  I have been looking for long 
>time for one that is Klingon.

Everything that I have seen written in pIqaD outside of the KLI has simply
been the symbols plugged in place of the english characters according to how
they match up on the computer keyboard, and the re-fonted words are still in
english. I can understand if it contained grammatical errors, but they never
even open a dictionary and use the klingon words.


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