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Re: KLBC challenge

ja' charghwI' 'utlh:

I had to pull out the poster and scan it to find the example (since you 
didn't offer it) to figure out what you were talking about and then figure 
out how to justify it and then express all of this response in Klingon as I 
had promised to do.


Guess I was asking a lot--jIDIv--but I wouldn't want to leave you with the 
impression that I was mischievously withholding information.  qaghelDI' 
chovnatlhvetlh vISovbe'.  I don't own a BoP poster any more than I've read 
the relevant rule in TKD or ever even seen a copy of KGT.  As with 
everything else I know about Hol, I gleaned this at second-hand from the 
Internet--in this case an archived post in which SuStel wrote "there's a 
possible exception or two [to the rule against N-5 N constructions] in the 
Bird of Prey poster".  I've felt the need of constructions like this and 
wondered if the poster had made them any more tolerable to the pabpo'pu'. 
 I'm pleased by your comments and encouragement.  Thanks for filling in.


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