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Re: KLBC challenge

In a message dated 6/29/1999 10:57:44 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< Shouldn't that be: {Dat 'oHtaH batlh'e'} "honor is everywhere"?  Even if it
 weren't an equational sentence, {-taH} "continuous" nicely reinforces {Dat}
 "everywhere".  Hmmm... or is {Dat batlh 'oH} supposed to mean, "it (either
 {ghoch} or {He}) is honorably everywhere"? >>
I have not read further than this message yet.  Dangerous, I know.  There is 
probably some other comment that will invalidate my message altogether; but, 
here goes.  I read {Dat batlh 'oH} only as "It is honorably everywhere."  
And, the "it" ('oH) appears to refer back to "goal" (ghoch) without any 
problem to me.

Since the question referred to one's having forgotten the goal, charghwI' 
'utlh's answer implies that one's goal is everywhere, honorably, remembered 
or forgotten.


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