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Re: KLBC challenge

ja' charghwI':

poHwIj DapoQqu'.... bIqay'qu'. *KLBC*vaD 'Itlhqu' qaDlIj. choghong.... DaH 
bIqay'pu'. qaDwIj naQ yIta'. mu'meywIj yImugh. HaghwI' Qav yIngu'.


I wasn't sure how to judge the tone of your message, but due to the 
infrequency of smiley faces, I tended to read it without irony.  I never 
meant to waste your time or abuse your challenge, though I did allow myself 
to have fun.  (After all, you encouraged "an inventive question".)  I was 
genuinely interested in testing my Klingon and had the clever idea (so I 
thought) of combining this exercise with a grammar question I've been 
wondering about.  I normally have to rein in my curiosity, since my 
questions tend to get flak for being either too elementary (i.e., spelled 
out clearly in TKD) or, in this case, too "advanced".  Can't win for 

P.S.  Does this mean I can't use KLBC any more?

P.P.S.  My translation is forthcoming.


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