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Re: Klingon in the News

In a message dated 1/29/1999 7:29:50 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< >malja' is the business which gets transacted {Huq}.
 References, please?  {malja'} has been used in various ways by various
 people on the list, but it appears only twice in my notes regarding 
 "official" usage:
   TKD: {malja'} (noun) "business"
   Skybox cards:  {malja' per} referring to trademarked phrases.
  But I understand the usage in Hamlet without 
 complaint.] >>

I will try to find the reference to (not verbatim) "after transacting business
Klingons meet for drinks."

And, no.  I did not understand many arbitrary usages in Hamlet until I cheated
and looked at the English side.  Even then I often wondered how the "experts"
had chosen those constructions.


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