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Re: loDpu'

Alan Anderson wrote:

> ja' K'ryntes:
> >loDpu' vIyajbe'.
> >
> >ghunchu'wI', jIHvaD loDpu' tIQIj.
> toH!  chaq qama'laH.
> qep'a' loSDIchDaq, loDpu' qelbogh SoQ'e' vImuchta' net poQ!
> nuqDaq ghItlhwIj vIlanpu'?
> va, vISamlaHbe', 'ej SoQ vIqawchu'be'.

loDpu' ghegh law' be'pu' ghegh puS.  I was following a thread on the
klingon ng and it said the follow ups were to expert forum ng so I went
there to see what was going on.  Well, I never was in that ng before but
what I expected was to see a group of really intense star trek fans who
do the role playing thing.  I read a bunch of the posts and oh my
goodness!  That place is rough!  Most of the posts I read weren't even
about star trek.  They were about some guy fighting with eveyone else.
It was funny because I certainly didn't expect to see that and the guy
fighting with everyone else kept insulting people and then apologizing
like this, "I'm sorry but you're all a bunch of jerks and it's all your
fault."  Anyway, I don't understand why people are so often rude on the
internet.  What's the point? I ask about men because it seems to me that
most of the posters in ngs are male (I'm not talking about the klingon
ng because there's never ever been a problem there). And I was wondering
why men do that and are they really mad when they do that?  Are they
really meaning to "fight" with people?  Or do they forget all about it
once the computer is shut off?  I know that there are plenty of women
who act like that too but I know when women fight they pretty much mean
it.  What I was wondering was, when men fight on the internet are they
really serious or are they just horse playing?  It seems like it happens
too often for it to be a serious matter.

Sorry this isn't in Hol but I have to get to work and I didn't have time
to translate.

> Do'Ha'.
> chaq loDpu' vIyajbe' je jIH.
> 'ach nuvpu' chaH loDpu''e' 'e' vISov.
> vay' yab SovlaHchu'be' latlh.
> pIj muja' be'nalwI':  loD motlh SoHbe'.
> vaj jIQIj'eghchugh, ghaytan qaQaHbe'.

chomISmoHbe'.  motlh bIjot.  reH bImay.

I've always had a problem reading people, men or women, who behave
erratically.  I guess everyone does.

> >P.S. bIjangDI' jIHvaD bImon'a'?  jI'It.
> qaQuchnISbe'moH jIH.  roD jupna'wI'vaD neH jImonqang.

jIyaj.  qay'be'.


> bI'IQchugh, yIvang!
> -- ghunchu'wI'

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