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Re: KLBC: *London*Daq lengwIj

mujang SuStel:
>>{ghIgh} for "task" is a slang term, and I'm not really comfortable
>>with the way you've applied it to the official job of the guard.
>>Somehow it seems out of place in a description of his formal duty.
>Why?  Why would some guy, being stopped by a guard, feel compelled to speak
>formally about the guard's job?  Slang is not a reflection of the formality
>of the topic, it is a reflection of the formality of the speaker.

True enough.  Somehow I had it in my head that {ghIgh} implied some
sort of temporary assignment.  That was what prompted me to mention
my discomfort.

>As long as Matt is aware that it is slang, and used it that way
>intentionally, there's no problem.

Again, true.  I remember a recent "accidental" use of slang; I was
concerned that this was another one.

>Or, could I not say, "They threw me into the slammer"?

nuqjatlh?  tlha'be'law'.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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