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Re: KLBC: jIjat

ja' SuStel:
> In an {X-taHvIS Y} situation, you know the following:
> (1) X is continuous, because it has the {-taH} suffix.
> (2) Y is not continuous, and it is not completed.
although this is what TKD says, taken literally,  do you
really think this is completely accurate?

would you agree with amending:
> If you want Y to be continuous or completed, you have to use the appropriate
> suffix, for instance:
to read "if you want to focus on Y being continous or completed resp., ..."

if not, do you read
> jIyIttaHvIS chal vIlegh.
> While I was walking, I looked at the sky.  (The looking is not continous or
> completed.)
as "..., I glanced at the sky" as opposed to taking an "ongoing" look at it?

                                           Marc Ruehlaender
                                           aka HomDoq

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