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RE: Questions from a new guy (KLBC)

jatlh ::Adam::

Welcome to the list, Adam. I can see you've seen the BG spiel before, so
I'll skip it.

> yIjang SuyajlaHchug:

maj. Good prefix on the second verb. Your prefixes should match, though,
which means you need a <pe-> on the first verb. Also, a small typo: the last
letter of <-chugh> is <gh>, not just <g>.

> jichu': chay' pong vIwIv jIH 'ej chay' "Before" SughItlh tlhIh?

A couple more typos: the <I> in <jIchu'> should be upper case (<I> is always
uppercase), and so should the final <H> in <tlhIH>. You almost got the
prefix right on <ghItlh>, but since it has an object need to match up the
prefix with the object. The prefix for that is <bo->.

On to your questions. The first is the long one. Basically, it's up to you.
The FAQ has an entire section on this very topic at The second one is the
easy one. You can almost always use the type 9 verb suffix <-pa'>. There are
probably a couple of twisted examples in English where it would not make
sense, but generally <-pa'> does the job:

jISoppa' jIghung - before I ate, I was hungry.
reH qaSpa' DungluQ jIqej - I am always grumpy before noon.

You did a very job on your first post. Keep it up.

Beginners' Grammarian

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