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Re: English to Klingon Translation Question

At 02:28 PM 1/25/99 -0800 Voragh wrote:
>Donald Slaunwhite wrote:
>: I'm trying to translate the name "4Runner" as in a Toyota 4Runner into
>: From what I can tell the verb run is "qet" and with the suffix "-wI" to make
>the noun "qetwl" 
>: for runner.  The number 4 is "los" and so the whole word would be

>I agree that "4Runner" is probably a clever spelling for English "fore-runner"
>(cf. Klingon {leSSov} "foresight"), which we can translate literally as
>qetwI'} "one who runs in the fore(ward part of a ship)" -- i.e. {'et} "fore"
>vs. {'o'] "aft" in the nautical sense -- or even better as {tlhopDaq qetwI'}
>"one who runs (in the area) in front" using the noun {tlhop} "area in front
>from Klingon for the Galactic Traveller. 

Actually, "forerunner" only metaphorically refers to running in front of
something.  It's usual meanings (from my Webster's) are

1. predecessor, for which we could use /nubwI'/,
2. omen or portent, for which we could use /maQmIgh/ 'evil omen' 
(especially if the car tends to break down a lot!)
3. a herald or messenger, for which no easy translation comes to mind

>Come to think of
>it, {4qetwI'} would make a clever licence plate for your Toyota.

I agree, it's a very clever pun.

-- ter'eS

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