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RE: KLBC: jIjat

jatlh netlh:

> vaghHu' vay' vItu'
> pIj tlhIngan Hol pab vIlo' DIvI' Hol mu'tlhegh vIchenmoHDI'

I think that in this sentence you want <-vIS> instead of <-DI'>. Look at the
first definition given for <-DI'>: "as soon as". So a sentence of the form
<X-DI', Y> really means that first X happens, and then Y happens, which is
not what you want.

The problem is in the vagueness of the English "when", which sometimes means
"when", and sometimes really means "while".

> motlh mu'tlheghvam vImughlaH
> jIghojlaw'taH

maj. And good suffix order - there is often a strong temptation to put the
type 7 suffix before the type 6. If you resisted the temptation, good. If it
never even occurred to you, even better.

> <MUSH>Daq DajeS tlhIH 'e' vItIv

The prefix on <jeS> should agree with the object: <bo->. And since <jeS> is
almost certainly a verb that cannot take an object (how do you "participate
something"), it really should be <Su->

> pIj <MUSH>Daq vIjeS

Same comment about the prefix: <jIjeS>.

> cha'logh tlhIngan Hol mu'ghom vIlaD
> tugh vIlaD

I'd definitely use <-qa'> on the second verb here, and probably use <-ta'>
on the first.

Beginners' Grammarian

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