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: lab Ian Wilkinson:
: >                  Could you elaborate on the Noun-Noun construction, 
: > can you put a Noun-Noun in a Object-Verb-Subject as either the 
: > object or the Subject or both.
: It can go in either. Here are some examples:
: matlh pu' vItlhap - I took Maltz's phaser.
: cheqIp ta' 'avwI' - The emperor's guards hit us.
: pagh
: Beginners' Grammarian

And to combine these:

 matlh pu' lutlhap ta' 'avwI' 
 The emperor's guards took Maltz's phaser.

Noun-noun phrases are used quite extensively in Klingon.  Most common are
{tlhIngan Hol} "(the) Klingon (language)" and {tlhIngan SuvwI''} "Klingon
warrior".  E.g.:

 tlhIngan Hol lughojQo' romuluSngan qama'pu'
 The Romulan prisoners refused to learn Klingon.

Note that whereas "Klingon" and "Romulan" are often adjectives in English,
are always nouns in Klingon which, strictly speaking, has no adjectives per

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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