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Re: WARNING!-- beginner alert...A new person on the list

On 19 Jan 99, at 9:55, Carol Lynn Lockhart wrote:

> So, fair warning, my tlhIngan Hol is terrible---I am a beginner in
> the worst sense of the word! If I'm ever to figure the language
> out, I need to practice!

Dap yIjatlhQo'   !

bIghojqang'a'  ?

pe'vIl tlhIngan Hol DaHaDtaHqu'chugh, tugh SachtaHbej SovlIj 
popmeylIj je

loQ tlhIngan Hol DaHaDchugh, vaj bIluj


Qapla'   !
Now, as I am fully prepared to have my usage torn asunder (I'm still 
a-learnin' too.), here's what I set out to say:

Don't speak nonsense!
Are you willing to learn?
*IF* you study Klingon forcefully, soon your knowledge and rewards 
will grow.
If you study Klingon a little, you will fail.
Do NOT fail!
(vuDmeywIjvaD jIngoy' jiH'e')

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