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WARNING!-- beginner alert...A new person on the list

Greetings, fellow adventurers!

My name is Carol Lockhart, alias K'Dac (q'DH).  I am new to this list as 
of Jan 16th.  While I have an average knowledge of things Klingon, my 
language skills are somewhat laughable!  So, fair warning, my tlhIngan 
Hol is terrible---I am a beginner in the worst sense of the word!

Why am I here annoying you?  If I'm ever to figure the language out, I 
need to practice!  Please bare with me, if I stumble over things that a 
2 year old Klingon would know---I'll try to keep it down to a minimum.  
I also write stories as a hobby, including Klingon fandom pieces.  So, I 
will most likely attempt to pick your collective brains for some of my 
dialogues.  Thanks for hearing me out, and apologies in advance to all 
you brave souls willing to attempt to read my Klingon!

                      nuQbe' SoH taghwI'jaj


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