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RE: Name

lab Matt:

> Could someone please tell me what my name would be in 
> Klingon??  If someone answers, I am at school right now, 
> and may not be able to get a thank you back right away.

Your name would be ... Matt. Names are not like words - they do not have
translations. If you go to Mexico, your shoes become <zapatos>, but you are
still Matt.

Many of us on the list have chosen Klingon names to get into the spirit of
things and to make things easier in conversation. Spoken Klingon (or any
language) flows much better when the speaker doesn't have to downshift into
another language to pronounce a name. Just watch the news in Spanish or
German if you want an example. High school language classes often have the
students choose names in the language to make things easier as well.

The rules for choosing a Klingon name are that there are no rules other than
the ones you set for youreslf. The FAQ for this list
( has a section on
choosing a name
( Go give
it a look.

Beginners' Grammarian

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