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Re: Made from wood

According to David Trimboli:
> Any discussion of how wood is processed or used is irrelevant.  The
> technical details of how trees are processed into wood is extremely unlikely
> to have much bearing on how Klingons discuss the material of an object
> (except for Klingon lumberjacks).  In English, at least, we don't say "I
> made the table from wood" because of any special process.
> Unless more specific information is found, I think the best we can do is
> mimic what we've seen in KGT:
> raS vIchenmoH.  Sor Hap raS 'oH.

It would help me to have a page number so I can see the example
I'm supposed to be mimicking. I do accept your argument and
like this approach, but I would prefer to be able to see the
useage by Okrand while I try to tune my own.

> SuStel
> Stardate 99019.7

charghwI 'utlh

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> >Any comparison of wood to metal or plastic is ignorant.

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