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Re: Noun suffixes, type 5

ja' ter'eS:
>Again we are faced with the vagueness of some of the dictionary
>definitions.  In the definition of /lel/ as 'remove, take out',
>are these two separate operations (in which case I would concede
>your point), or does 'take out' restrict the meaning of 'remove'?
>No way of knowing without canon (and probably not even then!).

In every case we've gotten clarified, the multiple phrases given as the
definition are used to make clear which meaning is appropriate.  They are
restrictive, not additive.  {lel} "get out, take out" is one operation.
The "take out" is there to make sure we don't mistake {lel} as the opposite
of {yong} "get in", and the "get out" is there to make sure we don't try to
use it to describe a date. :-)

-- ghunchu'wI'

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