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Re: KLBC: HovqIj jun Hov wov

ja' HovqIj:
>> > rut 'uchlu'meH wej 'uSDu' ghajbogh 'uchwI''e' lo'lu'.
>> jIyaj, 'ach Qatlh. chaq mu'tlheghvam DanapmoHlaH.
>chaq. <wej 'uSDu' ghajbogh 'uchwI''e'> vItammeH vIqel je:
>rut 'uchlu'meH baS qamHey lo'lu'
>rut 'uchlu'meH baS 'uchwI' lo'lu'
>rut 'uchlu'meH ('uchmeH) raSHomHey lo'lu'
>rut 'uchlu'meH 'uchmeH jan lo'lu'
>rut jan 'uchlu'meH jan pIm lo'lu'. janvetlhDaq jan wa'DIch jomlu'.
>DaH yajmeH ngeD'a'? loQ qab Hoch mu'tlheghmeyvam. chaq QInvam
>vIngeHta'DI' mu'tlhegh qaq vItu'.

rut wej 'uSDaq Qam.
rut ngaDmoH wej 'uS.
rut vIHbe'chu'meH wej 'uS ngaDmoHwI' lo'lu'.

>> > ...rut pay' wovqu'choH jan 'otlh tIH lelmoHmo'.
>> I'm really not sure what you mean by this use of <lel>.
>"...because it makes a photon ray get out." The best I could get for
>"emit" (see below). (I can see charghwI' typing about 200

{lel} is "get out, take out".  It seems to refer to removing something
from a container or holder or storage location.  It's not the same as
{Haw'} "get out, flee" or {nargh} "escape".

>Oh, you got me wrong here. With <qawHaqqoq> I meant "film". "so-called
>memory banks" seemed to be intelligible.

*I* didn't have a clue that you meant "film".

>> > ray'qoq lucha'chu' navmeyvam. taDlaw' ray'qoqvam.
>> > vaj janvaD <DoS taDmoHwI'> vIpong.
>> maj. vallaw' pongvam. QaplaH je <jonmoHwI'>, <HotlhwI'> je, 'ach DaHjaj
>> ponglIj vImaS. chaq wa'leS jaS jIwuq.
>QaplaHlaw' pongmey law', 'ach QaplaHchu' pagh (0) pong. *picture*
>Delbogh mu''e' nunobchugh MO jIQuchqu'.

We *do* have a word for "picture" -- but it's a verb: {cha'}.

>Actually I meant fog. Maybe <'eng'a'Hey>?

{SeS bIr} or {tlhuchHey yIQ} or {yav 'eng}?

-- ghunchu'wI'

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