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Re: Another word pun

Patrick Masterson wrote:

: As I was looking at the "New Canon Words" section at the KLI site, I 
: noticed an interesting Klingon word pun:  chang'eng  =  pair(n) You may 
: remember two famous brothers, Chang and Eng (whose last name I can't 
: seem to find anywhere) who were a pair of conjoined twins.
: (I'm sure I'm not the first to have noticed that, but I decided to 
: mention it anyway.)

Don't worry.  It's better (and more fun) for the rest of us if you tell us
you notice Okrand's little linguistic jokes.  Personally, I'd rather hear
them twice rather than not at all, because you're afraid of repeating someone
else.  Besides, some of us may not have been paying attention the first time
and forgot to write it down.  Not to mention any newcomers to the list.

BTW, is there a section of the FAQ listing some of Okrand's more egregious

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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