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Re: My old neighbor

Voragh jang charghwI':
>>  poH nI' jupwI' ghaH matlh Qup'e'
>>  Young Maltz is my long-time friend.
>I don't see the grammmatical function of {poH} here. Are you
>using a noun-noun here? poH jupwI'? That doesn't really make
>much sense. Meanwhile, without some sort of Type 5 suffix, {poH}
>doesn't have a reason to be here. If you are going to go this
>far out, I think you have to go even farther.
>qaStaHvIS poH nI' jupwI' ghaH matlh Qup'e'.
>I don't think that our English idiom "long time friend" can be
>directly translated, word for word into Klingon as you have
>apparently done.

Voragh's {poH nI' jupwI'} has a parallel in {lo' law' lojmIt}
from the Bird-of-Prey poster.  I saw his intended grammatical
usage immediately, and I don't [he wrote, with only a *very*
small amount of trepidation] have a problem with it.  (It's a
close analog of {cha'vatlh ben HIq} too, but not close enough
to make a useful argument.)

-- ghunchu'wI'

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