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Re: my thesis

>my name is Judith Hermans and I am in my last year at university. I'm
>writing my thesis and the subject is Klingon and it's speakers!

What an original topic }}:-)

>Now I'm first collecting all kinds of literature about language variation
>and artificial languages, but in a few months I want to conduct a survey
>under Klingon-speakers. My teachers thinks my subject stinks and he is very
>sceptic. He thinks that I won't find any people who speak Klingon and even
>if I find some, that they won't cooperate. Is he wrong?

Heh, judging from the people on the list, I'd say he was...

>If there are people among you who will want to help me and answer a survey
>in a few months (questions about Klingon and about yourself, because I want
>to get a profile from Klingon-speakers), please send me a mail.

I wouldn't mind... anonymous, right?

>PS. I have just started, so maybe I haven't looked well enough, but I have
>some trouble finding literature about the language Klingon itself. Not a
>grammarian or a dictionary, because I have those at home (yes, I'm a Star
>Trek fan), but something linguistic. Can someone help me with this or are
>there any linguistics reading this mail willing to answer some questions?

Well, a long shot, but you can try to find Marc Okrand, the creator...

BTW, I'd love to see what the final thesis is like.

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