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Re: -oy

ghItlh K'ryntes:

>veDoy chaH yIHmey'e'.
>Tribbles are furry.

Hmmm... pupbe'. yIqaw: "N chaH N-'e'" DajatlhtaHvIS DaDelbe'. yIHmey Del
DIvI' Hol mu'tlheghlIj. Delbe' mu' "chaH". "be furry" Dajatlh DaneHchugh,
yIH DellaHbogh mu''e' Dalo'nIS. Do'Ha' tu'be'lu'. "Tribbles are furry"
vImughnISchugh <veD ghaj yIHmey> vIghItlh.

SKI: In the English above, "furry" is an adjective, not an "endearmentized"


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