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Re: IDIC wrote:

> Is it possible, that I can download the Klingon Dictionary from somewhere?

ghobe'.  (Nope, that causes copyright problems.)

>         I am part Vulcan, Ferengi, Human, and Betazoid.

Ferengi...ewwwwwwww.  Do'Ha'.  (Oh, that's too bad.)

> And many other trace
> species.

'ar?  (How many?)

> It may disappoint you I am not Klingon.

ghobe' 'ach SoH vaD 'IQmoH 'e' vIloy.  (No, but I'm sure it upsets you.)

> I chose to consider myself
> a Vulcan, like my mentor Spoke.

waqmey ngev Spoke.  (I know a shoe saleman named Spoke.)

> Many of your species tell me that I look
> Vulcan also, I believe this for I have Vulcan physical characteristics.

jej qoghDu'.  (Sharp ears.)

> I
> believe that adding to my knowledge another language will aid my
> communications.

Taco Bell vIneH.  (This is good to know.)

> True, the Universal Translator translates the language, but I
> am also interested in grammar, form, rhyme, rhythm, puns, speech patterns, and
> more.  I sincerely believe that you can further my studies.

bIlugh.  (This list will certainly help you learn but you'll need to get the dictionary first and Klingon for the
Galatic Traveler.)

K'ryntes  :)
Qo'noS qa'

>         Live long and prosper, my fellow scholars.
> May I remind you that Infinite diversity, occurs in infinite combinations.

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