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Re: Dap naQ

In a message dated 2/25/1999 1:48:00 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< DaH Dapna' DalIngpu'. >>

charghwI', I'm impressed.  You actually read to the bottom of that nonsense.
As I pointed out in the beginning, the mistakes are intentional.  They are to
show what happens if we just take the gloss from the dictionary and think we
know what it means.  In fact, we do know better than to use the Klingon words
I used.

jotlh <> take down an opponent in a wrestling match.
per <> pin an opponent to a mat.

It goes on.  Some things would make even less sense to someone who does not
know the English idioms involved.

Again, this was only to point out how easily anyone picking up the dictionary
could misuse a Klingon word.  The solution, as I see it, is that MO provide
sentences for every Klingon word he gives us.  I cannot demand anything of MO.
I can hope.


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