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RE: KLBC: Prefix trick


<< The "prefix trick" is a bit of Klingon grammar. If a verb has an indirect
 object (IO) that is first or second person (me, you, us) and a direct
 (DO) that is third person, then instead of using the usual {IO-vaD DO verb}
 formation, the verb prefix can be changed to indicate the indirect object.
 SoHvaD matlh vIpong - "I call you Maltz" - becomes
 matlh qapong
 jIHvaD paq yInob - "Give me the book" - becomes
 paq HInob
 Beginners' Grammarian >>

jatlh T'Lod:

Where would I classify this in the Klingon dictionary?  In simple sentences
in the verb prefix section?  I ask only because I want to create my own
personal dictionary that would enable me, myself, and I to understand
better.  I would not and never will distribute it, since that is illegal.
Also, should the double -bogh suffixed verb comment go under relative

I'd put the "prefix trick" in the same section as the verb prefixes and
anything about subjects and objects. I don't know what you mean by "the
double -bogh suffixed verb comment". If you're talking about my advice to
put a repeated subject in the first clause instead of the last, that's more
of a style issue than anything else.

Beginners' Grammarian

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