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Re: {nuqDaq DaDab}

In a message dated 2/23/1999 1:44:11 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< > Hmm... can you say {'Iv vIDab?} "Whom are you living with? Who's your
 > roommate?"  
 Definitely not! I understand {Dab} as "dwell at, live at", so {'Iv
 DaDab} (NB: you wrote vIDab!) only means to me "who do you live at" Does
 that make any sense (beside of living ON s.o.)??
 I would use other verbs like {tay'} or {tlhej}
 {Dutlhej 'Iv?} "who are you living with?"
 {pa'vam vIDab. mutlhej wo'rIv} "I am living in this room with worf."
 {wo'rIv Qe'} "Chez Worf" >>

I agree with muHwI'.

If we separate {Shannon Daq vIDab}, we do not have a locative.  "I live at
Shannon's place."


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