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RE: KLBC ghItlhtaH

jatlh Tony:

> nuqDaH jItagh
> or
> chay' jItagh
> Where do I begin.

chay' jItagh. If you were beginning a journey, <nuqDaq jItagh> would be
fine. <nuqDaq> should only be used for spatial locations.

> vagh Hol paqHommey vIpItlhpu"
> I have completed five lessons.

<pItlh> is an exclamation meaning "Done!" It is a sentence all by itself.
It's not a verb, so you can't use it like this. I think you can also do
better than <Hol paqHom> - language pamphlet - for "language lesson". Try
<Hol ghojmeH ghItlh> or <Hol ghojmeH Qu'>. Here's my suggestion for the
whole thing:

vagh Hol ghojmeH Qu' vIta'ta'.

> tlhIngan mu'ghom vIghaj 'ej vIvaDtaH
> I have the Klingon dictionary and I am studying it.

Typo - should be <vIHaDtaH>. maj.

> tlhIngan Hol vIqeqtaH vIS vIDubnISlI'
> I need improvment praticing Klingon.

What do you want to improve? Do you want to improve your practice, or do you
want to improve your skills through practice. I'll assume it's the latter.
Often the hardest part of translation is thoroughly understanding what you
want to say.

tlhIngan Hol laHwIj vIDubnIS. vIDubmeH jIqeqtaH.

> jIqeSnIS
> I need advise.

You've just said "I need to give advice (to somebody else)", and I don't
think that's what you want. If you need advice, you could say <vIqeSnISlu'>,
which is a bit awkward, or <qeS vIpoQ>.

Beginners' Grammarian

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