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Re: ma'veq: It's official

>>ghorgh bIjatlhlaH, "I though (blah blah) at four o'clock."? bIjatlhlaHbe'.
>>mu'tlheghvetlh vIlajleHbe'.
>You messed up your prefixes, it should say:
><chorgh "I thought (blah blah) at four o'clock." DajatlhlaH? DajatlhlaHbe'.
>mu'tlheghvetlh vIlajleHbe'.>

(ghorgh, not chorgh; -laH, not -leH)

The first prefixes are correct.
The quote, the words which are actually spoken, are not the object of jatlh.

"blah blah" bIjatlh  and  bIjatlh "blah blah"  are correct.

A non-quote verbal thing can be the object...

mu'tlheghvetlh Dajatlh
SoQ Dajatlh
Holvetlh Dajatlh


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