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Re: bajoran flamethrower

ja' charghwI':
>> Bajoran. probably no word.

ghaytan lalDan pabbe' 'op.  ghIch ghegh tuQlaw' Hoch, 'ach wa' mu'
vIchenmoHlaHbe'.  lughbej <Bajor> ngan.  motlh <beyjor> vIQoy.

>> flame. no word


>> thrower. jaDwI'? woDwI'? nonsense!
>qul Hal. qul vo'wI'. You don't need a literal word for
>"thrower". You need the concept of controlling fire or
>projecting it, spewing it, whatever.

I like {tlhuD} "emit".  For a flamethrower -- pu''a'?  Sech'a'?

>> So first leave the bajoran on the side (I'm a Klingon, Jim, not a
>> flamethrower!)
>I like leaving bajorans on their sides. {{:)>

Bajoran DopDaq qul yIchenmoH...

>> fire is "qul", so I came up with something like "qulpIn" (from QumpIn, which
>> I am)
>It works for me.
>> What doya think?

If setting and tending fire is his duty, that sounds fine.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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