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Re: bajoran flamethrower

muHwI' wrote:

: A friend of mine ist called "bajoran flamethrower".  [snip]
: 	Bajoran. probably no word.

Not officially, but I've usually seen *{bajor} Bajor and *{bajorngan} Bajoran.  Some people prefer a different vowel as various anglophone actors pronounce the word differently: *{bejor}, *{beyjor}, *{bey'jor}, etc.

: 	flame. no word

Considering the amount of flame the weapon produces, use {qul} "fire".  

: 	thrower. jaDwI'? woDwI'? nonsense!

For this I like {chuH} "throw (a spear) at" (from KGT): *{qul chuHwI'} "fire thrower" for both the device and the person using it.  The stream of fire is very like an energy beam {tIH}, which originally meant "shaft (of a spear)", so using {chuH} seems appropriate.  

Of course, a Klingon might well view the same weapon as shooting {bach}, launching {baH}, spraying, firing/energizing {laQ}, transfering {Qay}, scattering/dispersing {ghomHa'}, spreading, etc. the fire.  We have no way of knowing.  

: 																He is Bajoran, and when
: our Klingons Club meets, he's the one that starts our big fire.
: 	[snip]
: fire is "qul", so I came up with something like "qulpIn" (from QumpIn, 
: which I am).  What doya think?

In view of his job as your Fire Master, I prefer {qulpIn} as a name to my *{qul chuHwI'}.  You could also call him the {qul chenmoHwI'} "fire maker".

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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