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Re: jatlh

In article <>, Steven Boozer
<> writes
>: jatlh qonwI':
>: >>{pagh bIjatlh}
>: > We have the same problem in Terran languages, too. ;-) But, I don't 
>: > see how you can use a null-object prefix here, because there IS an 
>: > object - what is being said! 
>: The quotation is *NOT* the object of the verb <jatlh>. It's just not. 
>This trips up many beginners, for whom TKD is usually the only resource they 

>Well, it's "well defined" NOW for the veteran Klingonists, but remember, it was 
>initially mentioned only in passing in TKD's the discussion of {'e'} and {net}:

DaH jIyajqu'! jIQochbe', maH chuHHa' *Okrand*. Satlho'.

Voragh: jabbI'IDmeylIj DachenmoHHa'law'. QaghHeyvam yIlughmoH!

Trans: Now I understand! I agree: Okrand didn't explain it very clearly
to us. Thanks to you both. Voragh, the line lengths in your postings
seem to be huge (off the end of my screen)! Could you fix your mailer?

Matt Johnson <>

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