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RE: jatlh

jatlh muHwI':

> {pagh Dajatlh}
> "You speak nothing." (= you don't speak any languages)
> "You say nothing." (= you are being silent)

> {pagh bIjatlh}
> "You say PAGH." (= You said our BG's name)
> "You say NOTHING" (= You say the word "nothing")

> lugh'a' mu'tlheghmeyvam?

HIja'. I like to include <>'s as quotation marks with quotes to make things
clearer, but you certainly don't need to. Also, the quotation can go either
before or after the <jatlh>:

<pagh> bIjatlh.
bIjatlh <pagh>.

Beginners' Grammarian

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