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Re: gauntlets

>>Why do people keep mis-reading my messages?
>Well, apparently you didn't read my message either.

I read your mesage.  I was attempting to correct other people.

>>using russian characters.  They both have the symbols  b, N, etc but they
>>don't represent the same sounds in both languages.
>MOCKBA is read Moskva...

That goes along with what I said.

>>I have nothing against pIqaD.  I use it too.  Just don't 
>>try to decipher one font by using another font.
>That's what I said too, a few emails ago.
>I distinguish between
>a) The font on TV, whose meaning remains obscure, and
>b) The font used on internet, and HolQed.
>To me, they are to completely different fonts.

So WE agree.
Like I said above, I was writing to other people.

Qor'etlh thought I was attacking the idea of abbreviations, etc
But he wasn't the only one involved.


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