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Re: IDIC writes:
>How do you say "Happy Chinese New Year" in Klingon.  I can't find out.

The answer is simple.  You *don't* say it in Klingon.  You have to say
it in another language, or say something else in Klingon.  Some things
you might want to say in Klingon instead:

"Chinese" DIS chu' DatIvjaj
  "may you enjoy the new year of the Chinese"

DuQuchmoHjaj "Chinese" DIS chu'
  "may the new year of the Chinese make you happy"

maj.  "Chinese"-vaD chu' DIS
  "good, the year is new for the Chinese}

I'm using the word "Chinese" as a noun referring to a group of people, not
as an adjective (as it appears to be in the English phrase).  I could have
chosen to say {"China" ngan} "inhabitant of China".  Some people might even
want to render it as {chaynangan}, but I think transliterating the English
pronunciation of "China" into Klingon spelling is more confusing than it's

-- ghunchu'wI'

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