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>How do you say "Happy Chinese New Year" in Klingon.

Hmmm... There is no Klingon word for China, so we borrow from Fed Std for
that. What are we saying? "Enjoy the coming year"? "Enjoy the first day of
the new year"? I'll assume the former. Still, what is a Chinese year? It
makes sense only in that Maktag is a Klingon month and Tuesday is a Terran
day. So I suppose we can say "Chinese year."

Bottom line is that this is a pleasantry, a <shudder> greeting. But since
Klingon anthropology students would like to learn Earth customs, there is
good reason to attempt a translation, weak though it may be.

*chayna'* DIS chu' DatIvjaj - May you enjoy the new Chinese year.

qaSchoHbogh *chayna'* DIS DatIvjaj - May you enjoy the Chinese year which
has just begun..

Imperfect for certain. But a "rough" translation for those Klingons who are
curious about Terran nicetries (Kahless knows why).

>I can't find out.

Sure you can.


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