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on calling one's self a slave

>: after some suggestions from the alt.startrek.klingon newsgroup, i believe
>: rather unlikely phrase would be:
>: (so-and-so) toy'wI''a' matlh jIH
>: does this sound right?
>As long as you're happy with the implications - this is the infamous
klingonaase insult *tokhe straav'*
>(willing slave) after all - it sounds fine to me.  You could also say:
> (so-and-so) toy'wI''a'na' jIH
>{-na'} "definite, definitely, true, no doubt, real" is a useful noun suffix.

originally, i had it as (so-and-so) toy'wI''a' jIHqang, but i realised that
"qang" was a verb suffix and "jIH" was a pronoun.

>Personally, I would tone it down to {toy'wI'na'} which sounds, phonetically
at least, better to my ears.

also, that means i get to use the nifty-looking "n" character.

Esri Dax is a babe

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