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Re: qay' De'wI'wIj

In a message dated 2/11/1999 3:39:27 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

 >> "problem", we need to use a verb, right? Is that okay:
 >> {qay' De'wI'wIj}
 jang pagh:
 >maj. Note that this is much simpler than anything you [...] >>

While I agree that {qay' De'wI'wIj} works, I understand it to mean "My
computer is a problem (to me or to someone)."  I have been known to tell an
acquaintance {Qapbe' De'wI'wIj} for "My computer is out of order," i.e. HAS a

Although I have not used it personally, {Duy' De'wI'wIj} seems to me to be
okay.  "My computer is defective."


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