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Re: (Almost) Klingon on British TV

>> 'ach DaH Suchqang cha' be'pu' vISovchu'be'bogh.
>>not tlhIngan Hol ghojqangpu' 'e' vItul.

jang charghwI':
>nuqjatlh? not tlhIngan Hol ghojqangpu' be'pu'vam qatlh 'e' Datul?

tlhIngan Hol ghojqang Hoch juppu'wI' 'e' vItulbej!

I wrote that without using my mu'ghom, and then apperently mixed up some
words. -oops-
What I wanted to say was something like "I never thought they would want to
learn klingon."


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