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Re: Digest mode???

ja' muHwI':
>What is actually digest mode? I know that the messages are sent in
>"batches", and are in an easier to read format, but what exactly is that?

ghItlh tInDaq jabbI'IDmey boS HablI'.  yapDI' ghItlh tlheghmey, pagh yapDI'
qaSpu'bogh poH, jabbI'ID'a' moj ghItlhvam.  <tlhoQ mIw> DawIvchugh, vaj
jabbI'ID'a'vam'e' DaHev.

The listserver program accumulates the messages until it has a certain
number of lines or until 24 hours have gone by since it last sent out a
digest.  The messages aren't any easier to read, and they're a bit more
difficult to reply to because the headers are just part of the big note.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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