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RE: scorpion-beings

jatlh DloraH:
> There is a piece of mythology that refers to scorpion-beings.
> I know we don't have a word for this or an easy way to describe it.
> The fact that they are "scorpion"-beings isn't really relevant;  it is
> simply the imagery the author chose to use.
> I am looking for ideas for beings that would fit good into mythology.
> These beings are acting as guards.  They are guarding a gate 
> to a path in
> the mountains.
> "... Trembling terror they inspire, the sight of them is death..."
> They converse with the main character before letting him pass.
> Even with KGT our knowledge of animals is limited.
> I haven't read all of the novels.  Do they have anything usable?

There's always <HoSDo'>...

Seriously, though, if they're guards, how about <'avwI'> or <'avtaHwI'>. If
you want to be more elaborate, and include the notion that they are beasts,
you could use <'avtaHbogh Ha'DIbaH>, possibly with an descriptive verb like

And I have to have a try at the translation of the line you provided:

QommoH 'ej ghIjmoHchu'. leghlu'DI', Heghlu'bej.

Beginners' Grammarian

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