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Re: Emphasis

>On Wed, 10 Feb 1999 10:18:03 -0800 (PST) Steven Boozer
><> wrote:
>> : >> DaHjaj pablIj neH vIqel jIH
>> : >> Today, only I considered only your grammar.
>> : >
>> : >What are you really stressing here?  The way it's written, the main
>> : >emphasis seems to be (at least to me and 'oghwI') on {pablIj}: I only
>> : >considered your *grammar* (not your literary style, choice of words,
>> : >spelling, Klingon spirit, etc.) with perhaps a secondary emphasis on
>> :
>> : Is that what pagh was saying?  I read his sentence, correctly, as
"Today *I*
>> : considered only your grammar."  I don't recall exactly what he meant,
>> : that's what he said.            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I seem to have started something with this question.
If I correctly recall the post "Today *I* considered only your grammar." is
about the "best fit" for the message.  It seems to be the most appropriate

A second way that would fit, would be "Today *I* consider only your
If that is acceptable translation from the Klingon.

Thank you, I now understand that it was all down to emphasis.


HovpoH 99112.68
(yep that's a ZERO after the wilk)

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