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Re: Complex Sentences

: [Adam Snyder wrote:]
: >If I were to say "they stop working" would it be <vum 'e' lumev> (they
: >work, they stop it.)
: va'!  bIlugh.  Yes, I should have put lu- on there.
: ><loD> is singular, shouldn't it be loDpu'? <Hoch loD> is "all of the man",
: >as opposed to just his arm.
: [Hoch loD] is not [all of the man], its [every man]
: [loD naQ] would be [all of the man], (as opposed to just his arm)

{loD naQ} "the whole man, the entire man"
: This sentence could be written with the -pu' or not.

You're right, inasmuch as the sentence means more or less the same thing whether you say "all the men" or "each man".  However, your choice will affect the prefix on {mev}.

: [Hoch loDpu'] would be [all the men (stop working)]

Plural subject, use {lu-}:

	vum 'e' lumev Hoch loDpu'

: [Hoch loD] would be [each man (stops working)]

Singular subject, use no prefix (or the "zero prefix" if you prefer):

	vum 'e' mev Hoch loD

: >The sentence said "go home" not "come home" so it should be <jaH>
: ghoS  is more than just come.  Sure jaH can be used.
: ghoS doesn't really have an english equivalent.
: ghoS:  approach, go away from, proceed, come, follow (a course), thrust
: DloraH

You can also use {chegh} "return".  From how Marc Okrand has used {chegh} in canon:

	ghorgh pa'wIjDaq jIchegh? 
	When can I return to my room? CK

	DaH machegh. 
	[We're returning now. (untr.)] ST6

	wa'leS jIchegh 
	Tomorrow I will return. KGT

we do know that it refers to movement, not the return of an item.  (For that you would say {nobHa'} "give back".)  

BTW, there is currently a debate as to whether {chegh} behaves like {ghoS} and {jaH}, for which {-Daq} is permitted though not recommended.  A matter of style, apparently most Klingons consider it redundant - rather like "exit from the aircraft" in English, which is unfortunately becoming common, at least here in the US.  A few more examples - or a statement from Maltz - would settle the matter.  But then, that would give us nothing to argue about here on the list.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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